King Electric Pedal Company


how to order

simply click the "BUY NOW" Paypal button and follow the instructions to purchase your pedal.

include a note detailing which pedal you want (ie Sag Boost #2, the cream one) and any further instructions or shipping information.

you'll receive a confirmation email that payment has been received, and another once the pedal has shipped. pedals will be listed as SOLD as soon as they are purchased. if two people simultaneously purchase a pedal, the latter will be refunded in full.

please note that everything about these pedals is made by hand, and there may be small imperfections as a result of this. i also try to use reclaimed knobs and meters as much as possible to make each pedal unique, so there may be some wear or scuff marks. if you want brand new knobs, i'll tell you where to order them.


frequently asked questions

my VU meter displays weird voltages, what's the deal?

a lot of these meters are very old and won't be super accurate, however they will be consistent and reliable. each is tested and, if needs be, calibrated before going out to ensure they're working well.

ok, but the voltage only goes down to 4 volts, i wanna take it lower!

no you don't. you'll notice at the bottom of the range, the pedal essentially stops functioning. 4 - 10 volts it about the workable range of the sag boost. but for kicks try turning the voltage way down and putting a compressor, buffer, boost or overdrive in front of the sag boost and see what happens!

what's the warranty on pedals?

10 years, parts and labor, except for VU meters. if something breaks, and it's not your fault (and maybe even if it is), contact me and we'll get it fixed. the VU meters are usually very old and while guaranteed not DOA, cannot be warranted beyond that.

what's that wood thing on the homepage and can i buy it?

that's a dual transistor sag boost and tube overdrive built into one old wooden box. no, you can't buy it, but if you would like something similar, send an email and we'll see what we can come up with.

why are some pedals more expensive than others of the same type?

paint, knobs, enclosure type and especially pricing on vintage VU meters can cause the price to build a pedal to fluctuate.

the sag boost, even when set to unity gain with my amp, turns my brain-freeze inducingly bright bridge pickup into a lo-fi cream machine. what's up with that?

the input resistance on the sag boost is very high so it rolls off a lot of the top end, thus accentuating the lows and lower mids. it would be very easy to make a brighter, glassier version, but i really like the way it sounds. if you wants a transparent beautiful clean boost, buy an SHO.






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