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12austin7 - real tube overdrive in a pedal!


i built this one for erik, and it sounds unbelievable - way better than i had imagined. they'll now be built to order, but i probably won't keep any in stock.


this is a real tube overdrive pedal based on a 12au7 preamp tube. as tubes go, 12au7s are pretty inexpensive, so you can buy up some old ones and try them out for different tones and colors. no 9v battery, this guy will only run on a standard 9v DC power source.

controls are gain, tone, and volume (your pedal will have knobs, unlike the pedal above). the tone works like a filter, kind of like an old rat pedal. the gain can go from just a little push to full out distortion. this is a very creamy, lush sounding pedal with no harshness or hard clipping associated with transistor/diode based distortions. demo video coming soon.

note - for a standard MXR sized pedal, the tube will stick up out of the pedal like in the photo above. it will come with a protective spring loaded metal harness over the tube (like in the back of your amp), but if this is going on a pedal board you'll need to accommodate for the extra height. i'm experimenting with larger enclosures and putting the tube inside. if you'd like something like that, email me BEFORE purchasing, as the cost will be different.

each pedal is built to order, with a lead time of between 1 and 2 weeks depending on parts availability. pricing is as follows:

$135 standard unpainted 12austin7 (shipped)


$125 if you have your own 12au7 you'd like to use (shipped)


$12 if you want your pedal painted
(i'll send you available colors; this will add to lead time)



sorry about the purple LED erik.


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